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A Few Questions That Q-Anon Hasn’t Answered.

Joe Valachi
July 18, 2020 2:10 PM

Have you heard of Q-Anon?


If not, you need to brush up on your conspiracies because this one is the mother of them all.  


In a nutshell, it says that the world is controlled by Satan worshipping pedophiles.  Every important figure in government, industry, and entertainment is a part of it.  

Also, it says that Donald Trump’s election was part of a Great Awakening that will end with the arrest of all these pedophiles and their imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay/execution.

The reason this information is public is because of an anonymous poster on 4chan, called “Q”, who is thought to be inside Trump’s inner circle.  


Even more impressive than the story itself, is how widespread it is.  Elements of it like “the Deep State” or “Pizzagate” have become common topics of discussion and get reported on frequently by mainstream media.


This article is not going to speculate on the truth of Q-Anon.  Rather, it will analyze questions that the conspiracy has not properly answered.  



The Issue of Symbology.


Much of the Q-Anon evidence relies heavily on symbology.  Often that takes the form of analyzing social media posts by celebrities looking for references to their nefarious acts.  


According to "Q", the Satanic pedophiles MUST leave these references for the public to find. Otherwise, their acts would be illegitimate.


This brings up a lot of questions. First off, who says these people have to leave evidence, Satan? Second, what happens if there is no legitimacy?  Would the devil get mad?  Would the conspiracy lose its power?  Has anyone ever tried it? Maybe people don’t adhere to all the Devil’s rules just like they don’t follow all of God’s rules.  


Second off, what is the threshold for legitimacy?  Can you just post one picture on Instagram and call it a day? Who decides if the picture has enough clues? Are these pictures getting submitted to an editor before posting?  If so, who pays that editor and where do they stand in the conspiracy?  Do you need a bureaucracy to control the whole thing?


However, supposing that there is no requirement for legitimacy, another question arises.



Why Does Anyone Know About This?


If Satanic pedophiles control everything then why would they ever let anyone know about it?  It seems like such a liability.


Google, Facebook, and Twitter can all manipulate their algorithms so that no one would ever see it.  If that happened, the mainstream media wouldn’t have to go out of their way to discredit it since no one would know in the first place.    


However, Q-Anon is famous and it implicates a lot of powerful people. Which leads to another question.



Is Every Powerful Person a Pedophile?


No major study puts the rate of pedophilia above 5% in adult men.  


“Q” somewhat answers this by saying that not everyone in the conspiracy is a true pedophile.  Rather, they have been forced to commit pedophilia in order to be blackmailed with it and, thus, controlled.  


But that assumes the world is run by a few people giving direct orders to an army of businessmen, politicians, and entertainers.  There are easier ways to run a conspiracy.  We’ve even written about it before.  


Speaking of powerful people though…



Where Does Trump Fit In All This?


Trump is viewed as the savior who will put an end to this once and for all.  For his part, he’s sent some cryptic tweets referring to Q-Anon, but he’s never outright recognized it.  Why?


It’s not like Q-Anon is a secret. There’s nothing stopping Trump from addressing the country and showing his evidence.  In fact, confronted with hard evidence, even people that hate him would have to reconsider.  He’d have immediate, overwhelming, public support.    


Also, since the pedophiles know Trump is coming for them, why not just kill him?  If these are the same people that have controlled the world for hundreds of years, assassinating a head of state should be routine.


Moreover, why would they ever let him get so much power in the first place, especially if the requirement to get power is to commit pedophilia so you can be blackmailed?


There are a lot of questions around Trump.  However, one in particular stands out.



Who Benefits from People Believing Q-Anon?  


If a large group of voters think someone is on a mission to destroy a ring of Satanic pedophiles that secretly controls the world, they’re probably gonna vote for that guy.  But what if, in order for them to believe it, all the guy had to do was hire a media person to take the role of "Q" and manage the conspiracy?  If that were the case, it would certainly explain why Trump is fanning the flames of Q-Anon without outright addressing it.


Carl Sagan famously said, “Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence.”  The evidence for Q-Anon is there for everyone to see and, admittedly, some of it raises interesting questions.  However, it is up to voters to decide for themselves if the evidence is, indeed, “extraordinary”.  

Do You Believe in Q-Anon?

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