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Swap Rice for Biden: The Nail in Trump's Coffin?

Joe Valachi
August 1, 2020 11:50 AM

Do Democrats want to win this election or not?


Their current candidate is a train wreck.  Biden comes with so much baggage that the only reason he is even viable is because so many people hate Trump.  


The party faces the same problem it did in 2016, how to appeal to both Bernie supporters and swing voters.  Despite what the polls say, it’s very possible that history might repeat itself.  Biden’s just not a good candidate.  


However, the current favorite for the VP nomination, Susan Rice, brings with her a very interesting possibility.  


What if Rice was nominated as VP and then Biden stepped down, allowing Rice to run for president in his place?  


It’s unprecedented but would probably guarantee a landslide victory.  



The Case Against Biden.


First off, Biden is old. He would be 86 by the end of his second term.  Also, there are concerns about his cognitive abilities.  Those bring with them the possibility that his debates with Trump could be a disaster.  His campaign has done almost nothing to address this.    


More importantly though, Biden is like Hillary Clinton 2.0.  A career establishment politician with tons of questionable legislation and corruption allegations.  There’s also the sexual assault claims and awkward photographs with children.  He’s not exactly the ideal candidate for a bunch of progressives.  


Hillary at least brought the possibility of electing the first female president.  Pretty much all Biden has going for him is that he’s not Trump.  



The Case for Rice.  


Rice is a dream come true for Democrats.  A black woman with excellent qualifications and low name recognition that’s good on TV.


Like Biden, she spent eight years in the Obama administration.  The only spot on her record from that time seems to be from Benghazi, which isn’t insurmountable.  


Unlike Biden, no one knows who she is.  While that was a hindrance in the Democratic primaries, now it’s an opportunity.  She doesn’t have to change anyone’s mind about her and, thanks to COVID, there won’t be any real campaigning and she can almost entirely control her image.  


Also unlike Biden, Susan Rice is great on TV.  She comes across as intelligent and she speaks with strength and warmth.  There’s no doubt she would do well in a debate against Trump.    


As for uniting the party, she can get the swing voters by just seeming like less of a liability than Trump. Meanwhile, most progressives would jump at the chance to elect the first black female President.  



This would be a Disaster for Trump.


Not only can Rice bring swing voters over to her side, it’s possible she can even steal a decent chunk of  Trump’s supporters.  


The problem for Trump is that his campaign is set up to fight against Joe Biden.  Between research, advertising, and media appearances, they have spent the last two years framing careful narratives that paint Biden in a negative light.


All of that would be wasted if Rice came along.  Right now there’s almost nothing Trump could do that would make his supporters vote for someone else.  However, a couple of good debate performances by Rice could bring over a huge chunk of his less enthusiastic voters.  


A Susan Rice candidacy could be the nail in the coffin for Trump’s presidency.  



The only Real Question is Do the Dems Have the Balls To Do It?  


While it’s almost certain to piss off a lot of people in the party, the move would no doubt be extremely popular with Democratic voters.  


Rice is representative of nearly everything the party stands for.  She can also thread the needle between its progressive and moderate wings. Moreover, she can probably do something that Biden can’t, inspire.  


Do You Think Susan Rice Could Beat Trump?

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