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No Election is “Too Important” to Vote Third Party.

Joe Valachi
August 20, 2020 11:30 PM

It Happens Every Four Years


Both parties put out candidates that voters hate.  Then they say the election is too important to vote for anybody else.  


But in reality, nothing makes this election different than the last ones.  It’s just a fear game they play because they need you to vote for their terrible candidate.  


Otherwise, they lose their grip on power.  It’s as simple as that.  



The Lie They Tell


This election is the most important election ever. You’re not just voting for president.


You’re voting for the Supreme Court, and Immigration, and Abortion, and Gun Control, and pretty much every political issue you’ve ever heard of.  


If you don’t vote correctly, then America will be irrevocably lost to the opposition and we will all be living in a totalitarian nightmare.  



The Facts


Nothing has changed since the last election.  


The president hasn’t become more powerful.  Your vote has just as big an impact on Abortion and Gun Control as it’s always had.  That’s why elections exist, to vote for political issues.


And this idea that every election is the be all, end all of democracy is a bit dramatic isn’t it?  


You’re choosing which center-right Ivy League graduate will keep the Military Industrial Complex going.  The only question is do you pick the one that likes Jesus or the one that goes to Pride Parades?  


Also, speaking of democracy, committing yourself to the same two choices till the end of time isn’t really democracy, it’s a duopoly.  Remember that the next time these people start running their mouths about how sacred voting is.    



Why The Lie Exists


The whole point is to preserve the duopoly.


Voters already know they have other choices.  And they know that the major parties’ interests are nowhere near their own.  


So, Republicans and Democrats have to scare the piss out of everyone to keep them from voting for a third party.  Otherwise, the game’s up and the duopoly loses power, probably forever.  


After all, a third-party president would prove that you're not "wasting" your vote.  It would prove you can afford to choose based on a candidate's policies instead of fear.

After that, why the hell would anyone go back to the way things were?  They wouldn't.  Which is why elections are spun as being "too important" to "waste" your vote on a third party.



But this Election just Feels so Important!


So will the next one.  And it will have it's own reasons why you can't vote third-party.  Just take a look at the last four:


Now, in 2020, you can’t vote third party because of Corona/Riots/Trump is evil.  


However, Corona would’ve tanked the economy no matter who was president.  Riots and looting happened under Obama for the same reason.  And, as for Trump, he hasn’t even been able to get the military to build a wall.  How on Earth do you expect him to become a tyrannical dictator?


At the end of the day…


Crazy shit is going to happen regularly throughout every president’s time in office.  The color of their tie doesn’t prevent that.  


So waiting for things to “get back to normal” before finally voting third-party is like waiting to start a diet until ice cream no longer exists.  It’s never gonna happen!        


At some point you need to stop making excuses and just do it.    

Do you think a Third-Party Candidate is Less Capable than one from a Major Party?

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