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What about all the Liberal Trump Supporters?

Joe Valachi
July 15, 2020 4:55 PM

How Conservative do you think Trump Voters really are?


The general idea is that they’re white, hate people that aren’t, don’t like the gays, don’t like drugs etc.   Statistically, though, it’s impossible for all of them to be that way.  Besides, those issues, as much as the Democrats want them to be, are not why Trump won.  


The fact is that a lot of people who can be described as “traditional liberals” voted in large numbers to get Trump in office.  Of course, that begs the question, “What is a Traditional Liberal?”


Do you think:



If you answered Yes to more than one, you would, without a doubt, have been considered a liberal in the 80’s.  However, times have changed and by 2020 most of the traditional liberal social platform has been absorbed by the general population, specifically anyone under the age of 40.  


So, the question is, “How did millions of “traditional liberal” voters elect the racist, homophobic, whatever-you-want-to-call-him that’s currently in the White House?  It comes down to that generation’s world view.



The Average Voter has grown up knowing that:



Taken all together and it’s hard for the average citizen to feel like anything more than a hindrance to the machine of industry and government that dominates their world. It’s a disheartening reality to come to grips with and most people had just accepted that that was the way the world worked.    



So why not Elect the Monopoly Guy?  


He pissed off the squares who believed everything the media told them.  People thought that since coverage of Trump was so overwhelmingly negative then that meant maybe he was on their side, or at least wasn’t on the side of the corporations/media/institutions.  Plus, at the end of the day, they didn’t believe he really thought all Mexicans were rapists.  


These people tipped the balance in 2016, but they’re being ignored in 2020.  Between COVID-19 and the economy, no one cares about the legalized corruption of the U.S.government.  Thus, the looming million-dollar question.  



Can Trump Keep Them?


If he was running against Bernie the answer would be DEFINITELY NOT.  He hasn’t convinced the average American that he really cares about #drainstheswamp.  Or at least he hasn’t done enough to justify not giving Bernie a chance. Especially considering that getting money out of politics was also a central theme of the senator’s campaign.


However, Trump’s been blessed, once again, with the type of opponent that people can’t stand, a pure establishment politician.  Like Hillary, Biden has made a career out of using government to line the pockets of donors. Also, like Hillary, he now has to completely ignore his past and make Trump out to be the bad guy.  But, he might be able to pull it off.


With a wrecked economy and coronavirus destroying life throughout the country Trump will be extremely lucky to win the election.  Amongst that good luck would be the ability to remind everyone who he’s running against and why they voted for him the first time.  Maybe lightning will strike twice.

Do you think Traditional Liberals helped Trump win in 2016?

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