Want to write for us?
Here’s what you need to know.

We’re looking for as diverse and brilliant and interesting a group of voices on Disunited State as we can get. Also, when one gets accepted for publication, we work hard to ensure the finished product ends up the best possible version of itself. If this interests you, read the following to make sure your pitch is easy for us to evaluate and well-suited to what we’re looking for. 
Disunited State is dedicated to welcoming and hosting the best opinion writing on the web. And by best, we mean a few things.

There’s a remarkable variety to our content. The best way to get a sense of what we’re looking to publish is to read our site. Click around. If you’re not a regular reader, become one—things can look pretty different week to week.

Your pitch can be a quick but nuanced take on recent news, a book review, a scholarly argument shaped for popular consumption, a personal piece rich in insight and verve, or an explainer that helps readers better understand the world.

What matters to us is solid analysis and rigorous argument about interesting things. We are looking for argument over rhetoric, analysis over invective. And we want the writing to be grabbing. So have a point and get to it. Right up top. Tell us why this piece is different. Show us what you bring to the table. We want to publish things we want to read. And we like to read things that make us think about what matters, what’s interesting, what’s fun, and what’s new — whether we agree or not. We’ll consider views from any political affiliation, but we probably won’t accept a piece that takes it for granted that a certain philosophical outlook is virtuous, or a certain political party is evil. We just don’t like taking things for granted.

Our editors strive to respond to every serious pitch, and if you’re looking to make a good point, in good writing, in an honest way, we’ll be looking for an excuse to publish you.

We have no strict word limits, but most successful Disunited State submissions fall in the 600–1300 word range. So, your pitch should take the form of a short email to contact@disunitedstate.com, preferably only one or two paragraphs long, with your draft attached if you have one. There’s no need to email us introducing yourself and asking if you can send a pitch. That’s what we’re here for, so just send one along. If you have several pitches, we love your enthusiasm, but please don’t bombard us with a list of them. Pick the best one, and make the case for that.

All of us are or have been freelance writers, and we know this process can be opaque and frustrating. If you have any questions or want any advice, we’ll do our best to make sure Disunited State's process is as open and easy for you as we can make it. We can’t promise every article will be a fit. But we can promise we are trying to build something special, and we know that we can’t do that without an array of contributors. We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope we can work together. Just remember: Keep it short, simple, interesting, and argue it well.
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